Generator Products in Weston CT

Generator Products in Weston CT

CT GENERATOR SERVICE offers the highest quality of Generator Products in Weston 



CTGeneratorGenpadContractors in Weston usually install generators in one of a few ways: on top of a bed of gravel, on poured concrete or directly on the ground. When you combine these with the black plastic pad that comes attached to the bottom of most generators, installations may seem simple. Each method works, but each has big problems. When it comes to the safety and protection of your family, your home, and your generator, CT Generator Service knows exactly what to do.

SOME CONTRACTORS CHOOSE TO: Install your generator directly on the ground. This option may be the quickest, but certainly not the wisest. CT Generator Service understands that to keep a quality generator working correctly (not to mention within code and under warranty) it needs to sit up and out of the dirt and mud. Usually, people fix this by putting down a bed of gravel and setting the generator on top of it. Unfortunately, there is another problem that comes along with this. Gravel shifts and settles and the waffle-board pattern on the underside of the attached plastic pad will cause any generator to sink over time. Since generators weigh more on one end than they do on the other, they settle unevenly and a dealer needs to make a return trip to relevel the unit.

SOME CONTRACTORS CHOOSE TO: Pour their own concrete and install the generator on top of that. This works better than the gravel and keeps the generator off the ground and on a solid surface that won't shift around. It works, but the big problem is cost—cost to bring in equipment, cost to pour the concrete, cost to wait for everything to dry before the generator can be installed. It's a big, messy hassle.

Ground, gravel or concrete. Until recently, they were your only real options.  Why choose a method that's destined to fail or waste time and money? You may not have had an option in the past.. but now you do.


CT Generator Installs Generators in Weston The RIGHT WAY! 

Every generator that CT Generator Service installs in Weston sits safely and securely on a GenPad. Genpad takes what works and gets rid of everything that doesn't. They keep generators out of the dirt & above grade, getting rid of the bed of gravel. The flat bottom levels the unit and keeps it from sinking into the ground. The solid construction replaces poured concrete, and the built-in steel inserts let you bolt the generator directly to the pad, eliminating damage to the unit from shifting or sliding.

These pads cost less than hauling and installing a bed of gravel and less than pouring a concrete pad at the site. They are sturdy enough to support a residential generator, easy enough to set straight on the ground and professional enough to use in the biggest contracts. GenPads WORK.

You can trust CT Generator Service to provide you with only the best when it comes to products for your CT Generator in Weston.


CT Generator Service also offers MOBILE LINK 


Mobile Link connects you to your generator from anywhere you are. Access information such as the current operating status, maintenance schedule, and more directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simply install the Mobile Link device on your generator and create your account. It’s that easy.


How it Works


When your generator experiences a change in status in Weston , Mobile Link™ sends the update to, which forwards that information in the form of email or text messages to any smart device - automatically.

Available on Your Devices

Stay connected & get the FREE Mobile Link app!






CT GENERATOR SERVICE offers cold weather kits to protect to your generator from Weston's harsh winters. These cold weather kits are highly recommended for home backup generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 32° F. Be prepared and call CT Generator Service today!

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